White screen after find&replace

I did a find and replace and the the program froze. Just a white screen left. What can I do?

The screen looks like this:

Quit and don’t save or maybe force quit. Whatever you do, it’s better not to save what might be a bad situation.

Your file is called “Untitled” Is that the one you’re working on? or is it a new one?

in the back you can see the checkbook template. the white rectangle is the file I was working on. I also deleted the panoX and downloaded it again from the provue site. But still no change. I can’t even quit the program in the normal way. I have to do a forced quit.

Save a copy of your file(s).

That’s not unusual - what happens when you open your file again? What happens if you try another find and replace?

when I try to reopen the file I was working on, I just get that white screen again. I can’t do no f&r. It seems as if the program is just dead.

If you create a new file, does Find and Replace work? Or is it broken for all files?

Try opening the Find & Open dialog, right click on your database and choose Open Data Sheet Only.

In a new database I can f&r. I changed ‘hello’ to ‘hallo’.
Same thing. Open data sheet only doesn’t work.

Another strange thing: when I force quit a program, the title should be greyed out in the dialog box, right?. Well PanX is still in bold characters.

Definitely have never seen or heard anything like that, and cannot duplicate it. The dialog should close before the find & replace happens.

What version of macOS are you using?

Have you tried rebooting the computer?

It seems PanX is working allright, but as soon as I try to open this one data file the program freezes, and I have to force quit

If you wish, you can compress the problem database into a .zip file and send it to support@provue.com and I’ll take a look at it.