Where to find Panorama Security Handbook PDF?

Where might I find a copy of this file? I looked on this page, but it’s not mentioned: Panorama Classic Frequently Asked Questions. It is referenced on page 197 of the Panorama Handbook:

For more information on security levels see the Panorama Security Handbook, available separately.

There was a little file or pamphlet you had to buy separately for a minimal fee. According to Jim, I was one of the very few people who used these features. They weren’t all that robust by modern standards, and PanX doesn’t have them at all. The security features of PanX are well documented, and I suppose most people are using that now. Jim may be able to give you what you’re looking for if you want to pursue it.

I don’t need anything too robust–just enough to prevent accidental data changes really. Another user did share the PDF with me in a message just now, so I think I’m all set.