Where is the Text Export Wizard?

I’ve found directions that tell me to use File >Export > Text Export Wizard as a way to create a file of selected fields. Text Export

I don’t see that menu item in my copy of Panorama, 10.2.0.b38 (4460). I do see File > Export > Blueprint, but nothing happens when I choose that item.
What am I missing?

It looks like that Help file article needs to be updated. The menu item is now Custom Text Export…, and has been for some time.

Thank you! That’s what I needed to know.

Do you know whether the rest of the information that’s included with the old ‘text export wizard’ directions still apply with the Custom Text Export menu selection?

The only thing that seems to have changed is the menu item. The wizard itself appears to be the same.

I think you’re mostly right but my attempt to save the Export format as a template did not work, so perhaps there’s some change in that step.
Thanks for your help.

I followed the instructions in the Help, and my attempt was successful. What led you to believe your attempt was unsuccessful? If you go to use that template, you will need to click on the magnifying glass to get a menu of template names. You won’t see those names if you click anywhere else.

I can confirm that this is indeed the case. The only thing that changed was the menu item. Ironically, this was done to make it easier for new users, who often wouldn’t read the manual so wouldn’t know what a Text Export Wizard was. The documentation has now been updated to reflect the new menu item.