When searching a TLO, the 'No. found' label is permanently sticky

Having set up a search facility in a TLO, I search for a string and get this:


Note the banner at the bottom, telling me how many records were found. When I click on the x button, all of the original records appear and I still have the count banner in the same position


The banner stays there, even after I quit and re-start Panorama X. How do I get rid of it? I watched the video but it doesn’t even mention the banner. I don’t think the Help wizard does either.

My Query formula is:

TransactionType = lvFormName and 

((exportline() contains «_liveSearch») or («_liveSearch» = “”))

It’s not a “banner”, it’s an Image Display object (displaying a gradient rather than an image) and a Text Display object (displaying the count). I don’t know how they got into that position, you must have manually positioned them that way.

The intricacies of setting up a search status area like this are discussed in the Displaying Search Progress section of this page:

The Construct>List/Matrix dialog will automatically create these objects if you tell it to make the list searchable. If you don’t want that, add the tag <progress:no> to the template – see Customizing the Progress Display on this help page.

Of course you can just delete these objects manually at any time.

I think what must have happened in your case is that you created the list with the Construct dialog, then moved and resized the Text List object without noticing that those extra objects were down there. So rather than deleting them, you may just want to move them and resize them so that they are aligned with the Text List object. Or just regenerate with the Construct dialog.

Nope - it just grew there.

Yep, read all of those entries AND watched the video. I think the Construct dialog is the way to go.