What's wrong with my Text List query formula?

I built a tool that helps me find words of certain lengths with special start or end or contained letters.

My database has fields “Words” and “Length” and a form with a text list object and five text editor objects for the search in the text list. Four of my searches are working perfectly, but I am having trouble with the fifth part.

This part shall search for words containing a certain letter (4th input) at a certain position (5th input). As you can see in my video, any entry in the 5th input TE object delivers an empty list.
FocusRecorder Apr 14, 2023 at 2:04:49 PM

This is my query formula. What’s wrong with it?

(LSuche="" or Length <= val(LSuche)) and (Anfang="" or Words beginswith Anfang) and (Ende="" or Words endswith Ende)  and (Enthalten = "" or Words contains Enthalten) and (Position = "" or  Words[val(Position);1] = Enthalten)

The fifth part of the query is this:

(Position = "" or  Words[val(Position);1] = Enthalten)

All of the words in your list are uppercase, but you have put a lower case y in Enthalten. Change = to contains or match, and I think it will work.

Good catch! That was the reason. I changed my query to

Words[val(Position);1] = upper(Enthalten)

and it is working perfectly now.