What's the best iPhone app for feeding field data into Panorama X?

I need an iPhone app which will allow my cattle-farming client to enter basic text data in the field and subsequently download (or email?) it to her iMac where her Panorama X farm management system can vacuum it up.

My knowledge and experience of smart phones is zilch but I notice that the Numbers app is available in iOS. Looking at it on my iMac, it looks to be straightforward and simple.

The data to be collected would fall into three or four established formats and I envisage a separate spreadsheet for each one with constant column headers to ensure that data elements are entered in the correct order.

Will Numbers do the job? It gets some bad press on this review site: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/numbers/id361304891#?platform=ipad

Is there something better?

Michael, Numbers is a really good choice for your purpose. If your client saves the Numbers document in iCloud, there is no need for extra sending it anywhere. It will be there when your client returns to his Mac. A second advantage: Numbers can export tables to CSV files. So it is easy to transfer data into Panorama X.