What is replacement for "oldSelect" statement in Pan 6

What is replacement for “oldSelect” statement in Pan 6

I don’t remember the statement. What made it different from “select”?

I vaguely remember it, probably in the conversion from Panorama 3 or earlier. Going by memory, there was a slightly different format for selections way back, and when opened in later version, Panorama changed it to “oldSelect”.

The replacement is Select and a properly formatted formula for how to go about it.

Correct. I believe this changed when Panorama 2 came out in 1991. The original select statement did not support formulas, you could only select based on the current field. I don’t remember the original syntax and I don’t have a Panorama 1.x manual handy. The intention was that retaining the oldselect statement for a while would allow time to transition – ultimately the transition period allowed was more than 25 years before Panorama X finally dropped support for oldselect.