What is a "Grid"?

The activegrid statement is used internally by several Panorama dialogs, including Find/Select, Sort, and Summarize & Analyze. If you look at these dialogs you will see their grid like nature. The activegrid statement helps manage these grids for performing operations like add a row, delete a row, etc.

The activegrid statement is not an advertised feature of Panorama X, basically it is something I just made for myself. Perhaps there are two or three of you out there that would be interested in using it, but for such a small audience I certainly don’t have the time to write full documentation for this complicated feature – doing so would probably take several days. Maybe someday.

However, I included a minimal documentation stub, partly for my own reference and also to provide some clue for anyone that is looking thru the internal libraries, as I know a few of you do. Essentially this is an “open source” feature, so if you really want to figure this out you are free to look at the actual source code. For most of you that are not interested in that kind of deep dive, you can safely ignore this feature.