What causes a wrap in a Text Display?

Often I find that I get line wraps when there’s no clear reason for them and plenty of space remains for the line to expand. I’ve used all sorts of tools to ensure there are no hidden characters. Yet the wraps persist when they should not.

Don’t Wrap doesn’t stop it

Truncate of any sort does

In these examples, I have my formula set to display tabs and returns with their symbol attached in order to see where they are


Have you stripped out line feeds?

Yes, that’s what I was referring to about using all sorts of tools to find hidden characters. There are no line feeds, no extra spaces, just an unwanted wrap in some cases.

They all come out fine in a Text List but I sometimes have reasons to use a Text Display instead and would like to control the wraps better.

Your text contains tab characters. I believe that NSTextView uses a default set of tab stops and if you go past the last stop then it will wrap. You should either remove the tab characters, or you should switch to Rich Text and explicitly set the tab stops you need. Of course if you switch to Rich Text that has it’s own complexities, but there is no other way to control the tab stops. If you need to display tab delimited text, a Text List is often the best way to go.

It all makes sense. Thanks for shedding light.