What Avery label template in Pan6 is the closest match to 5371?

I was going to use Pan6’s Avery templates to print out some business cards but didn’t see anything close to the 5371 size - a card 2.0 x 3.5 inches, 10 to a sheet, no gaps between cards but with top, bottom, left, right borders on the page. I’ve looked at several of the Avery templates given; they seem mostly oriented towards a mailing exercise that would have different info on each label. In this case, the same info (and graphic) would be on each label. I can handle that part. There are lots of alternatives - including Avery’s online tool. So I’m not stuck. I’d just rather use Panorama and I didn’t see what I was looking for in the list of templates, so thought I’d ask before I moved to a different tool.

I didn’t see any Avery templates in PanX - if they are there, please let me know. Thank you, Paul

Avery templates are described about 3/4 of the way down the page.

For the benefit of someone that comes along later, the easiest way to do this is to make a database with enough records to print a page of labels. No data is needed, as whatever you need will be included on the tile. I print up return address labels that way.

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