What are the alternatives to report tiles?

I’m having major problems with report tiles - maybe the earlier issues haven’t yet been addressed. I have to say that tiles in Panorama X are certainly not as user-friendly as in Panorama 6.0.

I want to produce a report that contains a company logo and address at the top, a list (of unknown extent) of items, costs, etc., followed by another block of data incorporating text and variables. I can get part of the way with a 1st page header tile and a data tile but, if I put the final info in a footer tile, it sits at the bottom of the page where it looks quite forlorn.

What is the best way to put the three elements together so that the final block immediately follows the variable-height data block?

That’s exactly what it is supposed to do, and Panorama 6 did the same.

In Panorama 6.0 if you want a footer at the bottom of the data, this would be done with a Table Footer tile. In Panorama X 10.0 I messed this up and called this a Column Footer tile, and it did not import correctly from Panorama 6. But if you want to get this working right now, a Column Footer tile is what you need.

It appears that this feature is very little used, since no one reported that the feature didn’t work. (Or perhaps they just assumed it didn’t work because it wasn’t implemented yet, but still, no reports.)

However, it is a very useful feature. So in Panorama X 10.1 it now works with the correct tile name, except that I renamed this tile again, intentionally this time, to Data Footer tile. So what was a Table Header tile in Panorama 6 is now called a Data Header tile, and Table Footer becomes Data Footer. It will correctly import a Panorama 6 database so that the tiles are correctly converted. (However, tiles in a database that already was imported into Panorama X will need to be manually adjusted.) I think that Data Header and Data Footer are much clearer names for these tiles than the previous names.

The reason I ran into this problem recently and discovered the incorrect tile name was because I have updated all of the custom printing documentation into the Panorama X documentation (this was a major project that took several weeks). So once Panorama X 10.1 comes out, it will no longer be necessary to refer back to the Panorama 6 documentation to learn about report tiles – it is all included in the Panorama X help, including the tile name changes I described above.

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Thanks very much Jim - I couldn’t get far with the report tiles, but this has now helped me get it working!

That works fine for a single-page report. My multi-page report now has the same problem as initially reported. Is there a way to place a supplementary block of data immediately below the last entry of a multi-page report?

If you want it only on the very last page, and no other pages, it cannot be done. Though if the data ends with a summary record, you can use the summary tile.

OK - I’ll look for a work-around.

One possible approach is to export the data to a csv file, then open it with Numbers or Excel and add the formatting or totals. You can do a lot with the export file to get the header that you want.

The data I want in the trailing panel is not summary data but I created a summary record and then populated it with multi-line data items which print out like this:


You always have the option of putting your data into arrays and presenting it in matrices.

It looks like you have come up with a good solution. Though you are not using the traditional method to create this summary record, it certainly would appear that this is information summarizing the main data being printed. Since you are not using summary record tiles the regular way, I think this is an elegant solution to the problem.

Thank you Sir.