Welcome Doodle!

I don’t usually welcome individual new users to this forum, in fact I’ve never done it before. But I just happened to notice that Gerald MacKay joined yesterday and immediately read 252 posts!! Now that’s enthusiasm :slight_smile:

Poking around a bit more, I see that there are 11 people that have read 5,000 or more posts. Somehow, David Thompson has read 6,000, which is is strange since the system reports that there are a total of 5.9k posts.

Why would this surprise you? Dave has magic powers - I’ve known that for decades now.

And Jim Rea has viewed 1096 topics. The system reports 1015.

5.9k is about 6014 posts, if a k is 1024. On the other hand, Dave may have stolen some of Jim’s views!

That does make sense as David seems to be an over achiever.

Hi Jim …
I think I met you a few decades ago at MacWorld Boston, August, 1985, at which time I purchased an interesting program called OverVUE. I have never regretted it and continued to upgrade through the intervening years with various incarnations of Panorama. I am thinking of biting the bullet with Panorama X … hence the reading of all the posts. (Night shifts can be somewhat long!) Your task in porting (recreating?) the Panorama engine from simple ASCII to the complex Unicode must have been and continues to be daunting! I just need to get my head around the new purchasing scheme. Cheers … Jerry

If I hover the mouse over the 5.9k, a tool tip reads 5,926. If I hover it over the 6.0k for the number of posts I have read, the tool tip reads 5,970. I don’t think those stats are 100% reliable. More like 110%.

Discourse uses PostgresSQL – if it used Panorama, those statistics would be 100% reliable :slight_smile:

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The varying numbers possibly have a simple reason: Every post can be edited later, and I think Discourse is counting every edit as a new post.

I just noticed that over the past month the forum has about twice as many anonymous page views as logged in page views. I guess that means quite a few people are lurking and aren’t logging in. If you’re reading this, we hope you’ll log in and join the conversation!