Weird field behavior in form

I have converted my main Pan6 file to PanX. Thankfully, it is mostly intact. However, I have some (I’m sure stupid) questions.

My main form behaves a bit erratically. Sometimes a field (or more than one) is blank on the form (but not in the data sheet). If I click to change the active field it will appear. Is this a bug or my ignorance?

Why is one field always red? I’ve been unable to find an explanation or good use for that.

Is there a keyboard way to click up or down thru records in a form? It seems inconvenient to have to click the icons above the form.

I have made some effort to find answers but I’m not allowed to search by words. I will greatly appreciate your help.

The blank field issue is an old one; I still see it from time to time. You can move up and down through records with the arrow keys. The red field is selected; but you sometimes still have to click on it to be able to enter things in it…

There are some important options in the Panorama X Help.
The blue oval button is a popup menu with a lot of categories of the Help files. The check box beneath it allows a full text search.

Thanks. So it’s not just me having blank fields. I get them more often than “from time to time.” I hope that will be fixed. I have a feeling I should create the form anew in PX. Do you think that would help?

Are you saying I should be able to move up and down thru records in a FORM with the arrow keys? Doesn’t work here. Used to work in Pan6.

You could try with a new form, it couldn’t hurt, but I doubt it would fix it.

Yes, my forms always move from one record to another with arrow keys. Are you using some sort of view-as-list form?

Your have a red field because you are using the Pop Up Editing" option. This is equivalent to the old Panorama 6 “data cell” object. Since you imported your database from Panorama 6, the data cell objects in your form imported into the Panorama X form as Text Editor objects with the Pop Up Editing option checked.

For a form that works more like other Mac programs, I would recommend turning off the Pop Up Editing option. In graphics mode you can select all of the Text Editor objects, then click on the “magic” panel and uncheck the Pop Up Editing option. (Of course you can also do it one object at a time, but Panorama X allows you to do all of them at once.) If you turn off this option, you’ll no longer see a red field, and you can simply click in any field to start editing, instead of having to double click. (But if you liked the way Panorama 6 data cell’s worked and want to continue that way, leave pop up editing enabled.)

Thank you. That feature is rather mysterious. Without the “Full Text Search” what does it allow? What goes into that larger box with the right curved arrow? I cannot make it active.

If you have chosen a command or function, that box will contain an example of the command or function, with placeholders for the parameters, if there are any. You can click on the text, and drag it into a procedure window. That will put it into the procedure, where you can edit it by substituting appropriate values for the placeholders.


I think you are asking about the Help? If so, if the Full Text Search is not checked then only the topic names are searched, not the content of the help pages.

As Dave mentioned, this area displays examples for programming related features, and allows dragging the example code into your code. Since you don’t program, you probably won’t ever look at topics that display anything in this box. Another feature is that you can right click on this area for a pop-up menu that gives you quick access to the menu items normally included in the Topic and Corrections menu.

Since no one has mentioned it so far, I should note that there is a help page for the help wizard.

Also, tips on using the help are covered in the Panorama X Orientation video.