Web Publishing in Panorama X Web Server

Is there an estimate as to when documentation for the Panorama X Server web publishing might be available?

Unfortunately, Panorama X is a project being developed with extremely limited resources. I’m expecting the total number of potential web publishing users to be in the single digits, so there are simply no resources available to work on this. Not only can I not give you an estimate when this documentation might be complete, I cannot estimate when work on this will even be able to commence.

That said, the web publishing API for Panorama X Server is nearly 100% identical to the API for Panorama 6 Server. Most of the differences in coding between Panorama 6 and Panorama X involved changes in moving to a modern OS X user interface. But web publishing has no user interface – HTTP has not changed, so there was no need to make any changes. All of the coding documentation provided for Panorama 6 web publishing is still applicable, so for now I will refer you to the Panorama 6 Server documentation.

Is .InitializeServer defunct for web published databases?

If so, I would assume that .Initialize runs when any server file opens.

FWIW, I can now account for three of those single digits

No, but it is not yet implemented.

One more “digit”: I will throw my one web-published file into the ring as well, which has been used (as a small part of a bigger system) off and on from a Pan 6 server for the past few years. However, although I am working on it, I may never get that system converted to Pan X, due to the client’s other business issues, so there is no immediate need from me for the web-publishing feature.
But, I have always considered Pan web-publishing to be a possible solution for any Panorama systems that needed some interaction with Windows users, which in turn could help promote overall adoption of Panorama.
(I implemented a couple of Pan 6 files on Windows a few years back, but they are no longer in use, and I totally understand the decision to drop the Windows version, as it would take way too many resources for very little return, as Jim has explained elsewhere.)