Web Publishing in Pan6

We are trying to publish a read-only Pan6 database on the web in order to buy some time until the PanX server is available. An error message says that we have not purchased a license for web publishing. Is there a work around for this, so that we can test out the web publishing feature?

Sorry, there isn’t any workaround available. We’ll just have to get the Panorama X server out as soon as possible.

If you don’t need searching, you can create static HTML pages from Panorama and publish them on a web server. But if you need any dynamic content, for example searchable data, there is currently no way to do it.

Unfortunately, we do need to be able to search the tables. We currently need to expand our business. Because our operation is built on Pan6 Enterprise, we have been looking for a bridge solution to distribute critical data in read-only searchable form. No pressure, Jim. We know you are doing your best, and we are excited to see the shiny new server version when you are ready to launch. My team is honing its web tools with anticipation.

If you’re imply pursuing testing, Pan 6 Enterprise will run in demo mode for two hours at a time. I’ve used it that way for years on my laptop in order to continue development when I’m out of my office. In that scenario, the laptop is both server and client. The caveat is that you’ll need to run it on another machine than your current shared use server or it doesn’t offer the demo option.