Web Browser Object, cookies and commercials

I have found an interesting behavior of the Web Browser Object, if I view a YouTube video with the Web Browser Object, the video has no commercials. If I view the same video in any other browser, they do have commercials.

So a couple of questions, Why? and does the object store cookies?

I’m afraid I have no idea of why YouTube would behave that way. You would have to ask a YouTube engineer, though I imagine they won’t tell you (if you could ever find them in the first place).

Cookies aren’t stored with individual web objects, but they are stored for the Panorama application as a whole. This is the same as a web browser – cookies aren’t stored for individual browser windows, but for the entire browser.

For older versions of macOS, all applications using WebKit would use the same cookies. This meant that Panorama cookies were shared with Safari, and vice versa. So you could use Safari to log on to a web site, and if you opened that same web site in Panorama, you would already be logged in. Apple decided that this was not secure, and now each application keeps separate cookies. Off the top of my head I think this change started in macOS 10.13, but I’m not sure about that.

So, going back to your original question, do you have a YouTube premium account? and if so might you ever have logged onto that account from within Panorama? but not in your web browser? If so, that would explain the lack of commercials.

Hi Jm,

I dont have a YouTube account. We do have a google account that I might of tried to log-into at some point. Ill try a few scenarios and report back. Regarding the cookies, is there anyway way to see the cookies and their values?

There probably is but I don’t know what it is.