Web access through server

I didn’t do server training because I didn’t anticipate needing it; but now I think I might. At this point does the server software allow me to construct a web front end that a non-mac user could have access to?

Any device with a browser can access HTML forms generated by Panorama server. You can publish information or build forms for them to edit or create content from your databases.

Panorama Server can build the pages for you. Personally I prefer to build HTML templates that Panorama Server merges with data.

In one case, I emulated the entire Datasheet in a web form. I didn’t necessarily agree with the approach but it worked and end users worked with it pretty much as if they had Panorama running on their machines.

Thanks, Jim,
There doesn’t seem to be any written documentation yet about this topic. Can you point me in the right direction? (I’ve bought the videos, but there’s some sort of Vimeo problem that prevents me from watching them, and although Jim R is aware of the problem, I’m sure this past weekend’s project has taken all of his attention. And it’s not clear to me anyway whether he discusses this topic in any of the deep dives.)

Where to begin? That’s what I need to figure out in order to answer you.

First of all, you need to have PanoramaX set up and running as a web server, along with server software such as Apache. Personally I prefer Abyss, which has a free single site version. Why do I prefer it? Because it has a user interface for one, but it also allows me to easily run multiple sites on a single server. And it has relatively easy URL rewriting, which is where JR stumbled with Apache.

Beyond that, I’d need to know more specifics about what you’re trying to accomplish in order to give you my thoughts on the best route to get there.

I don’t know what you’ve got in place so far, but here’s the place to get started on setting up your web server: Using an External Web Server