Want 2 different font sizes on label

I want to print labels where each label has lines(records) with differing fonts and heights.

I used the Construct Mailing Label feature and started with a standard Avery layout. If I put in two instances of <labelfontsize: size> the second instance seems to set the size for both records.

How do you specify different fonts and font sizes

related question: can you specify specific fonts/sizes in database fields?

You can either have different Text Display Objects for each line in the label and set them individually or use Rich Text with the one text block. To use Rich Text you have to have the Rich Text option turned on for the label’s Text Display Object.

You can then change the formula for the TDO to include your desired Rich Text. In my example below I have altered the formula to display the name in 20 point Papyrus and left the remaining lines as they are set in the Text pane (in this case 14 point Helvetica)>

You can find how to further use Rich Text in the Help file.

For the data sheet you can only change the font size which effects all the fields. The setting in found at the top of the Window menu.