Vue Organizer does not scroll up on a long list when moving a procedure

When I want to reorder my procedures I use the “View Organizer”.

If it is a long list and I am trying to move a procedure up towards the top I grab the procedure and lift it towards the top. But when I hit the top of the window the list does not scroll upwards. I have to basically stair step the procedure further up by dropping it somewhat up the list. Scrolling the list so the procedure I am moving goes to the bottom of the visible window. Grab it again, and repeat the process until I get if where I want it.

I have repeated this problem on two separate computers.

Not a big deal but I did not see it on the discussion when I was searching for it.



You can open two View Organizer windows for the same database, and scroll to different spots, then easily drag a procedure to the new location.

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Son of a Gun!

This is even documented!