View menu wish item

Certainly not a high priority,… but with a few files that have lots of forms and procedures, the View menu has gotten very, very long. “New Procedure…” easily gets lost and overlooked when scrolling to find either a recently added form, to add a new procedure or simply as a reference in how far I’ve scrolled to find something.

It would be useful to split the Forms and Procedures into two menus - maybe as a preference.

Here’s another idea to consider: put a new item, whether a Form or a Procedure, at the top of the list section for Forms or Procedures respectively.

A new feature in b30 you may have missed is the ability to create new procedures in any spot with the View Organizer window.

This also works with forms, and you can also rename a procedure or form right from the View Organizer. I think you’ll find these new feature really handy.

Also, did you know you can click on the View menu and type


to create a new procedure?

You know, it really gets old that whenever I try to suggest something that Panorama could have to make it better, you show me that it’s already there in one form or another. And often enough, it’s beyond what I was suggesting.

I don’t know how you can create these things faster than I can find them but it makes me feel inadequate and nearly useless. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, Me too.

Sometimes it pays to go over the release notes with a fine tooth comb :slight_smile: