View-as-List Tile Color problems

In a View-as-List form, the default header tile appears white in graphics mode, but shows up as black in data mode, but then it prints as white. I found if I change the header tile to any other color, it seems to work normally, showing up in graphics and data modes in the same color and printing in that color. Is this a bug?

In addition to this, the View-as-List form has alternating white and gray rows in data mode (when that switch is checked in the Form properties panel), but when you print it the rows are all white. Shouldn’t it print with the alternating color rows? Is there any way to get the alternating color rows to print?

I also found that if I use the constructor to make the form it creates a data header tile, and puts the field names on that tile, but they don’t show up on the form in data mode, only when you print the form. The help file tells us that the View-as-List form basically only works with header tiles and data tiles, so it was a little confusing to have the constructor put in a data header tile, but perhaps the constructor is sort of general purpose and doesn’t pay attention to what kind of form you’re using it on. This isn’t a big problem once you know that you have to move the column titles to the header tile if you want them to show up on the form in data mode.

That’s not the behavior I see.

If I manually create a header tile, it appears white in both graphics and data mode, and when printed.

If I use Construct Report to make a form, it creates the Data Header with a black appearance, and the Header with a white appearance. For use with a View-as-List form (more on this in a moment) I deleted the Header, then changed the Data Header into a Header tile. At that point it displayed in black in both graphics and data mode, and when printed. So I don’t see a bug with the tile color.

The constructor is called Construct Report. It’s for generating printed reports, it wasn’t intended for constructing a form for use as a View-as-List, at least not without modification. However, your idea that the constructor could work differently if you first select the View-as-List option is a good one. That hasn’t come up before, I’ve now made a note of this idea.

When the documentation for View-As-List was written, Construct Report did not exist, so that wasn’t mentioned. This is a good suggestion for an improvement to the documentation.

This option, along with the Grid option, applies to the View-As-List view only. These options do not apply to printing.

You might try using a Flash Art object that displays a gray png file when the sequence function is an even number.

This will work, but you don’t need a PNG file. An image display object can display any color based on a formula.

Outside the context of a repeating formula, such as the formulas in FormulaFill, Select, ArrayFilter, ArrayBuild, Export, etc. seq() will always return 1. The seq() function is simply keeping count of how many times the formula has been evaluated, up to and including the current evaluation. You could use seq() in a formulafill, to sequence a field, and then use the field to determine when you want the object to be gray, but you wouldn’t be able to use the function directly in the formula for the image display object. In that context, it would always be 1, and therefore always odd.

You’re right, Dave. What i forgot to mention is that you need to use the info(“printsequence”) function, which is designed for this sort of application. So you can use that function in an Image Display object on a report tile.