View-As-List Riddle

If VaL really is unable to edit field data, then:
1.) what is the purpose of adding a new (ie., blank) record, whose displays of data cannot be edited?
2.) why is it not classified as a report instead of a form?

Don’t mind my fond reminscances of v6 VaLs. while I gently nudge my way over to the Matrix Object, which is probably what I need: a scrolling list of editable records.

A View As List form is typically used for printing. If you want to view a list of records so you can edit one of them, it is more efficient to use a Text List Object for navigation (check Database Navigator in the Properties pane for the Text List Object) on an editable form of individual records. There should not be any reason to edit records in a View As List form. Just use another form for editing.

Forms are the formatting windows for viewing Panorama data. Reports are what you output when you want an analysis of the data. A report typically will have a form, but you can have many more forms depending on what you want to do with the data.