View as List problems

If a database has an open View as List, using the arrow keys to move up or down within the file shifts by two records rather than one.

Adding the Command key to move a record up or down, moves it by two each time.

More often than not, sorting a database with an open View as List that includes images causes PanoramaX to crash. A View as List with text doesn’t seem to have this effect. Since it’s not 100% the difference of images or not is necessarily certain.

In all of theses scenarios, it is not required that the View as List is the active window, just that it is among the open windows.

This is a known problem that occurs if both a View-as-List window and the Data Sheet window are open at the same time (also if multiple View-as-List windows are open). Make sure that only one window that displays multiple records is open and this problem won’t occur. So if you are using a View-as-List window, close the data sheet.

I’m not familiar with this issue. Not saying it might not be true, but I am not aware of it.