View as List has Changed in Pan X

I am converting about 70 Pan 6 db’s to make them work in Pan X. Most of my Pan 6 db’s use a View as List Window.
I see that View as List no longer works the way it did in v6 and would like to know if there is any quick and easy way to convert the View as List form into functioning in Pan X the same as it did in Pan 6? Huge amount of work to re-design all of these forms .

The biggest difference is that data in View-as-Lists forms is not editable. So they should only be used for printing or viewing. To search a list to edit information in it, use a Text List object to find what you want on a Individual Page, and then edit it on that page.

Thanks Bruce but it sure sounds formidable for so many db’s.
Very candidly, I have no idea how to even begin what you just told me.

Well, there is the List/Matrix tool in the Construct menu of Graphics Mode. Once you learn how to use it for one file, it should be simple enough for the rest, or, if there is enough similarity, the form you build can be copied over to the rest of the files.

I use View as List on some of my files, but only for printing, these days. This is a consequence of a truism one of my friends told me some time ago: Software has a shelf life!

Here is the help page for this tool.

I would begin by searching the help for Text List. Then probably start here:

And I think this would be very useful for you.

This movie shows how to make a text list that is synchronized with the database in about 20 seconds. It is from the previous help page.