Video Training won't open

When I try to open the video training from the Help menu, I get the following error:

Cannot compare text with number.

I’ve relaunched Panorama but it continues to happen.

macOS 12.6.8 AirBook M2

It’s good to tell us about the hardware and OS version. The version of PanX could be helpful too.

I’m running in single-user mode on an M2 MacMini running OS 14.0 and PanX 10.2.0.b33(4268) and Panorama X Video Training pops right up.

I’m connecting to the internet through a VPN and home MESH system

We haven’t had any other reports of this problem. You might try clearing the preferences as I mentioned in the post a couple of minutes ago.

OK, finally got it working, but there is still a problem.
I tried trashing the preferences and relaunching, and the same problem showed up.
I did this several times and I think I tried logging in and out, but the problem persisted.
Finally I rebooted the Mac, launched panorama, did not login, and I was able to view the video training. I then logged into my account manually, but wasn’t able to see the courses I had bought until I quit panorama and re-launched it, and finally I could see the video training courses that I had purchased previously.

I then logged out, and logged back in using the URL link that I created some months ago for my administrator account, and as soon as I did that the problem occurred again, and I could not see the video window. I logged out, and the problem persisted.

I trashed the preferences, rebooted the Mac, logged in manually to my account after launching panorama, then I could open the video window. I then made a new URL and saved it as a text file, and as soon as I used that to log in, the problem came back.

One interesting thing was that the new URL is much shorter than the one I had made some months ago, I’m wondering why that is.

But the problem remains, if I use the URL to login, I can no longer get the video tutorial window to open. I have multiple clients right now, and I have to switch between their accounts, and the only way I know how to do that easily is using the URLs.

Of course, this isn’t a showstopper type of problem, so I can continue my work while we try to figure out what is going on. Thanks as always for the great help!

P.S. just wanted to say how painless it is to reboot an M2 Mac, compared to the 2011 MacBook Pro I was previously using :star_struck:

I still cannot duplicate your original error message.

However, I can confirm that when you log onto an account, purchased videos aren’t available until you quit and relaunch Panorama. This is whether you use the preference link method or simply type in the email address and password. This will be fixed in the next version of Panorama.