Version 10.2.0.b22 (3846) Damaged database problem?

Getting this error trying to open the following document.I’ve been using this same file for years and never had a problem.
Error reads:
My document “Credit Cards.pandb” could not be opened. The database is damaged (data.plist).

Panorama Version 10.2.0.b22 (3846)

I’m Running Big Sur version 11.6
iMac (Retina 5K, 27 in. Late 2015)
8MB Memory

I can open the same file with Panorama Version 10.1.2 (2854). Glad a I kept a backup of the older version!

You didn’t need to go back to Panorama X 10.1. Actually, the fact that you have 10.1 on your system may be the cause of the problem.

The new 10.2 version normally saves databases with an “integrity seal.” This allows Panorama to immediately detect any tampering, for example if there is a problem with your disk drive.

Panorama X 10.1 does not know anything about this integrity seal. If you save a database with 10.2, then open it and modify the database with 10.1, Panorama X 10.2 will think the file has been tampered with (because the file changed but the integrity seal was not updated). So then when you go back to 10.2, you get the damaged database alert.

To allow the file to be opened with 10.2, you’ll need to temporarily disable integrity checking. This is done in the Preferences>Advanced panel, as described in the help page.

If you’re planning to continue to use Panorama 10.1, you should leave this option off permanently, because every time a file is saved in 10.1, the file will be damaged (at least as far as 10.2 is concerned). But a better solution is to remove 10.1 from your system, then turn integrity checking back on once you’ve brought all your databases in to 10.2. That way you’ll know right away if a file really has been tampered with.

Thanks Jim. That fixed it!