Variable Size - Pan 6

Hello Everybody,
I have a “loadurl” command in a macro which loads a webpage into a variable. For some urls, when the command is executed I get an “Expression Overflow” error. Apparently, those web pages are too big to fit into the variable.
Is there some way to increase the capacity of a variable, to allow it to hold more data? As a related question, will this limitation still be the case in Pan X?


Panorama 6 allocates 5 meg of memory to the expression stack which is normally sufficient. If you need to increase this amount you can do so using the expressionstacksize command. You are allowed to increase it up to a maximum of 250 megs depending upon the memory you have allocated to Panorama 6. The expression stack size will remain as set until you quit Panorama or set it to another value.

Panorama X will always use all the system memory available so there should never be a need for adjusting the expression stack size. The expressionstacksize statement is available in Panorama X for compatibility but does nothing.

Thanks, Gary. I tried it, and of course it worked.