Variable Printing Height Crashes

It seems that using Expand or Expand/Shrink on a Text Display Object still has problems although it was noted as fixed in Panorama 10.1.

With a Text Display Object set to Expand or Expand/Shrink, every attempt to print results in a crash. If I simply enlarge it and remove the Expand setting, it prints just fine. It also prints if I leave it in its smaller size with much of the data hidden but without the Expand set. The only difference between crashing or printing is that setting.

Can’t duplicate, either with a TDO by itself set to expand/shrink on a form or in a report with the TDO in a Data tile, both set to expand/shrink. Both previewing and printing are successful in both cases. Maybe there’s something else you didn’t tell us?

Made a little test here (under macOS 10.14.6), too.

Just like Bill, I have no problem to get a working preview when my Text Display object is set to Expandable as well as Expand/Shrink.

But I get an empty preview if I additionally check the option Auto Scale Enabled of the Text Display object.

Thanks, since both of you determined that it does work I went back and dug a bit harder. The Rich Text option seems to be the devil in the details. I had it set and was using it to make some words bold. Once I turned it off, the Expand and Expand/Shrink work.

So there is a lingering bug, but it’s in Expanding the Rich Text.

Now you’ve jogged my memory – this was reported back in March.

I added the emphasis on both in the quote above, because I wanted to point out that the expand and expand/shrink options only work on objects that display data, like text display objects and image display objects. They have no effect on a data tile object. It doesn’t hurt anything to make a data tile expandable, but it doesn’t help either. Expandable objects will automatically expand and shrink any objects that enclose them, including rectangles and data tiles. These enclosing object change size in response to the objects inside them. They have no data themselves, so they have no way to expand or shrink on their own.

Here’s another way to look at it. The expand and expand/shrink options tell Panorama to set the height of the object based on the data it is displaying. Data tiles, rectangles, etc. don’t display any data themselves, so the expand and expand/shrink option settings on these types of objects are ignored.