Variable [favoriteDBList] does not exist

After opening the Find & Open Database window, I clicked on the Star in the upper left corner. It asked something about Update Favorites and I said Yes. Then an error dialog stating ‘Variable [favoriteDBList] does not exist’.

After that initial error, clicking on the star produced other error messages as Pano was no longer happy with the Favorites star. :slight_smile:

I ended up in a situation where Quitting Pano X was no longer an option as the Quit was dimmed and all Windows were dimmed. Apparently there must be some dialog open that I could not get to. Force Quitting now. And I can recreate it by doing the same steps again. When it asked if I wanted to Update Favorites, there are no favorites in the box at that moment.

I’m not even sure what that star is supposed to do. It is not documented, perhaps it is some feature that was started and never finished. I have added a bug report to remove this star from the dialog.

Maybe it was thought as a shortcut to sync with the “Favorites” databases in the File menu?

It wasn’t coded that way, and I think Find & Open predates the Favorites submenu. Panorama 6 had a favorite databases feature in the Open Recent window, I think perhaps that was the plan, then implemented the Favorites submenu and forgot about this stub.