Variable does not exist error

I have a form with a Text List Object (TLO) which uses a variable to display the contents of the TLO. When opening the file for the first time, I get an error saying that the TLO variable does not exist. The Initialize procedure creates the variable and assigns an empty value to the variable, which is exactly what I want it to do. However, upon opening the file for a given session the .Initialize procedure apparently does not run until after Panorama tries to display the TLO. Consequently an error message pops up the first time the file is opened. I have worked around this by running the Initialize procedure in the subject file from a remote file using the OpenSecret and Call .Initialize statements. I hope this makes sense.

That sounds like a lot of work. A much easier method is to use the catcherror( function in your formula in the Text List object (or any kind of graphic object that uses a formula. So instead of


make the formula


Then you’ll never ever see an error message. Super easy!