Vanishing Favorite Summaries

I painstakingly set up several favorite summaries in Pan X, had them all tweaked and running fine for several months. I went back to the program after a couple of weeks wherein I had not opened the three linked databases, entered some new records, and PRESTO, the favorites have vanished. Has anyone else experienced this little “glitch”?

Actually, I had the same thing happen to me today with favorite searches, so I definitely feel your pain. I’ve created a ticket in the bug report system.

I regret to report that I’m regularly losing values stored in permanent variables. Reading your Bitbucket entries of May 17, it sounds like this may be the cause of my problem. As we are having a lot of problems with Panorama X crashing, I’d blamed that, and it could be a factor. When a permanent variable in a file loses its value, all the others in the same file do too. Actually, all become uninitialised.

I’m looking forward to testing the fix you refer to in Bitbucket.

David Duncan


I can confirm this. After a series of crashes while testing procedure mods, lost the values in the permanent variables.


I can’t prove this, but I think the problem occurs when a database that is not the front window is auto-saved. If you manually save, it should be ok. That might explain why you are seeing a correlation with crashes – if the last save before a crash was an auto-save, the permanent variables might not save correctly.

If my theory is correct, pressing Command-S more frequently should reduce the incidence of this problem (while you are waiting for the fixed version, after which it probably won’t care).

In writing this, it gave me the idea that I might be able to reliably duplicate this problem by making a change in a database, then quickly shifting to another database, waiting a while for auto-save to kick in, then force quit, relaunch, then check the variables. Darn, it didn’t work. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough for auto-save to kick in, tried again with a longer wait, and VOILA, permanent variables are lost! This is really good news because it proves that my fix is correct!

Your analysis sounds good. Retracing the events relating to my crashes and the loss of the permanent variable values in about 15–20% of the crashes, all involved switching between multiple files during an .Initialize process.

Great news, thanks for following this up so quickly.