Using subsets to restrict a join

The subset examples in the join statement docs show, for example:

“source subset”, {State=“CA”}

Am I restricted to ‘math symbols’ in the subset formula or can I use “contains” or other search terms? (When I try “contains” it doesn’t seem to work, but it could be a syntax error I’m unaware of.)


It is amazing that the act of posting a question to the forum so often leads to its solution. Ignore the barnyard references in my test databases. This now works fine, selecting the needed records without a hitch. This new join command is fantastic even for an aged non-programmer.

join “database”, “TestDB_Source”, “key”, “ItemNumber”,“sourcekey”, “ItemNumber”,


“subset”, {ItemNumber contains “sheep”},

“subset”, {ItemNumber contains “pig”},

“subset”, {ItemNumber notcontains “pig”}