Using Related( gives 'Not a Valid Dictionary' error

In a TextDisplayObject, I have the following in the Formula panel:


I do have it set for Formula rather than Literal.

The error that displays in the text box is…

Join failed because first parameter is not a valid dictioanary. (sic)

I am very comfortable on the spelling of the field name



Fixed. Working now.

Hmmm. Apparently different versions allowed for the error to be occurring for files where the Relations had not yet been set. Too many copies of the db at the moment.

Any who, I’ll leave this up for the next person who makes this mistake and also to document the typo in the error message.

FYI – That spelling error in the error message was actually fixed a couple of days ago after another person reported it :slight_smile:

Did they also report this one?

Image 2-4-21 at 8.47 PM

No, there’s only one you, Robert. Thank you – I have fixed it.

BTW, I think you were saying goodbye at the end of the session this afternoon, but you were muted. We could see your lips moving and then you disappeared before anyone could say “you’re muted” (I probably would have forgotten but I just watched the end of the recording to find the end clip spot).