Using Panorama X subscription on more than one computer

Can I use my Panorama X Subscription on more than one machine as a single user?
Since it is just me the subscriber, I would never be using the subscription at separate locations at the same time.

I do. I usually use it on only one computer, but if I need to, I can use it on the others. Whether I get charged on the other computers depends on how long I use it.

The question to ask is the result of using it (one account) on two computers at the same time.

There should be no billing difference if you run it on computer A, then close out of Panorama on that computer and run it on computer B - at least that’s how I understand it. But you will be doc’d for two instances (say 2 hrs instead of 1) if you keep running Panorama on computer A while you are also running it on computer B.

So Yes, you can run it on two or more machines, but not at the same time, and still be changed as a single user.

Apologies if I am all wrong on the above.

take a look at the FAQ… says you do NOT even need to quit it on the other computer – I will be trying this soon… :grin:

If you have two computers next to each other and you go back and forth performing operations on both, you will likely be charged for two users. To Panorama, your usage would be indistinguishable from two users sitting next to each other using the program.

If you want to make sure that Panorama knows you are only a single user, you should wait 15 minutes when switching from one computer to another. For example if you use a computer at an office, then drive home and use a computer at home, you’ll have no problem.

Note that Panorama determines use by clicking and typing. That’s why you don’t have to quit the program when you are not using it. For example, if you leave Panorama running at the office when you go home, Panorama still knows that you are not using it because you are not clicking and/or typing.

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