Using matrix and textlistobjects

Is there a record limit to matrix and textlistobjects?
I have a big file with 18000 records. In the datasheet all data are shown but in a matrix or textlistobject about 4000 are shown from the beginning. Then it stops
Another question: a checkbox used in a matrix when clicked on it changes in the database a value, but in the matrix it will not change. It changes only when I move to another record. Is there a statement to make the change visible in the matrix?
I have tried some show statements without any result.

By default, text lists are limited to 5000 rows. However, you can increase that by opening the blueprint and changing the value for the max number of rows. Find the blueprint row that says “$TextListMaxCellCount”,“5000”, and change 5000 to a number that you. Eventually, the performance of a text list tied to the database will slow down as the number increases, but I am pretty sure 18000 records will work okay. I am not familiar with using a checkbox in a matrix, but I suspect you need to do something to refresh the matrix display. I am sure somebody else will know the answer to this question.

Sorry, you cannot use a checkbox or any other editor object (Text Editor, pop-up menu, etc.) in the body of a matrix linked to a database. You must keep those types of objects in the non-matrix part of the form.

Where or how do I find this blueprint?