Using a touch screen with PanX

Someone just told me that they have been using a touch screen with a Pan6 application for user input. I have not seen it, but I wonder if anyone has experience with that. I can imagine some applications where that would be very useful.
What device does that and what considerations are there for the database to make it work?

Do you mean using the Panorama application or entering data on a web site published with Panorama 6? I don’t think you can enter data from a touch screen into Panorama 6, at least not on a phone or a tablet. I, and others, have created websites with Panorama 6 that allow you to enter data in a browser which is sent to Panorama 6.

Let’s not confuse the difference between Panorama 6, web interfaces, or the inability to run Panorama 6 or X on a phone or tablet.

A touch screen, if properly designed, will have no impact on the Panorama database regardless of the OS (computer/tablet/phone). The touch screen developer will have already taken into consideration all translations from mouse to finger. Any OS that worked with a mouse, will continue to work. Any OS that Panorama was not able to be used in, will continue to not be usable.

I am talking about plugging in a touch screen to a Mac. The touchscreen will display Panorama windows, and touching a button will, I assume, act like a mouse click on the button. Not sure what they do about entering text.

You can use an iPad as a touchscreen with a Mac, I think the feature is called “Universal Control”. I’ve never done it.

I have controlled a Mac from an iPad via a VNC application. In fact, I’ve controlled Panorama that way. The touch pad simply simulates a mouse. Panorama has no idea what is going on, it just thinks there is a mouse. You still have to use a regular keyboard.

I just went to Amazon and did a search for “touch screen monitor mac compatible” and a list of items came up. I guess you could buy one and report back to us on how it works! :wink:

Why would a touchscreen have any impact on entering text? (While yes, a developer could create an onscreen keyboard if the usage was for a kiosk, but otherwise a keyboard is typically still used. Think about a laptop with a touch screen. It is just another way to interact without using a mouse, trackpad, or trackball.

Maybe you can “write” on the touch pad with your finger and write an OCR routine with PanX procedures :slightly_smiling_face: