User Menus in 10.2

I suggest that user version (i.e., when logged in as a User) of the File menu options should include Synchronize Data and Download Data (with the option key). At least I don’t see any security reasons not to do so; we want users to stay synchronized.

Doesn’t it work that way now? It’s supposed to, and a review of the code indicates that it should work that way. Have you customized the File menu?

Is the menu on the left with a shared database open? Those items don’t appear if a single user database is currently active. I think it must be a different database, because I see that you have customized the menu on the right.

Ok, I did find a bug. If the user doesn’t have the ability to use standard UI elements in this database, the server commands don’t appear, and they should. I’ve fixed that. However, that’s not what’s going on here, because in that case the menu would not contain the Import and Export menu items.

So it seems most likely to me that the database on the left is when a single user database is active. If that is not true, there is a real mystery, because looking at the code there should be no way those menu items could be missing with a shared database if the Import and Export items are in the menu. Could you verify that this is really a shared database?

I can see that I had not thought very carefully about this question, and there could be quite a few parameters that affect the menus, or maybe not. So I took one more step in looking at different situations, acknowledging that there may be may other variations. Here is my comparison of menu options as user and admin, everything else the same. In this database, the user is required to be logged into the connected account.

One factor that affects the user menus is whether the DB is locked to the account or not. If not locked, you get the full menu options, same as an admin. I have not checked the effect of Min Admin Role settings.

I think this is the bug I mentioned that I found while investigating this yesterday, so I think this is fixed. I think your database security is set up something like this?

Well, you probably have Can Modify Design also set to Admin. But what changes the menu appearance is the last column, Can Use Standard UI. In your version, there is a bug and the sharing items don’t appear in the menu, but that will be fixed in the next release.

I have been setting Database Entitlements to User/Administrator/Administrator or User/Developer/Developer. I know I should think about this some more as to what is the best arrangement to be secure but not unnecessarily restrictive.

But what’s the difference between Anyone and User if the database is locked to the account? You can’t get lower than a user.

So we are on the same page, you have set it up so these users cannot use standard UI. Excellent, that means everything should be fixed in the next release.

Even if you lock the database to an account, you can still allow anyone to open it. For example you might want to sell a database, so you need it to be openable by any account, but you want to protect your coding, so you would restrict Can’t Modify Design. Some of Panorama’s internal libraries and wizards are set up that way, because they contain code that is not public (the Site License wizard, for example).