Updating Text List with changed Data?

Is there a trick for updating a text list display when the data contained in the list changes?

The data displayed in a text list is not automatically updated as soon as the record with the displayed data is changed. I can close the window and reopen it, but that seems less than optimal. I would just like to force the text list to update itself and display the new data.

If your Text List Object has the “Database Navigator” option checked and you really don’t need it, uncheck that box and it will automatically update when the record is changed. If you need to have that option checked, then you can issue an uprecord & downrecord command to quickly toggle up and down which should refill the list on the changed record. This only causes a brief blink on screen.

Note: I tried to force an update of the list when the “Database Navigator” option was checked using objectaction "myList","FillList" and it did nothing at all. I’ll have to go back and review the videos on Text List Objects to see if I’m missing something. Would not be the first time.