Updating Panorama Web Server IP addresses


I need urgent help updating the IP addresses of our Panorama Web Servers. Our old IP addresses are being shut down today, and we are moving to all new IP addresses.

I have three different Panorama Web Servers each running on different IP addresses. They are for the sake of discussion called Pan1, Pan2, Pan3. If I go to Wizards - Sharing - Available Servers I see something like this listing each server name and associated IP address for that server.

Pan1 x.x.x.x
Pan2 x.x.x.x
Pan3 x.x.x.x

Each server contains 10 to 20 different databases. Today I just need to change the IP ADDRESSES of each of the 3 Panorama Web Servers. What is the easiest way to do this?

The server names Pan1, Pan2, and Pan3 will remain the same. I want to do this in a way that all my databases on my laptop still properly sync to the appropriate servers under the same current names, just at the new IP addresses.

The old IP addresses will then no longer be active.



You should be able to do it in the Server Activity Monitor. Click on the padlock and enter your password to unlock it. Then, on the line labelled “Internet”, click on the globe icon. That opens a window where you can enter the IP or choose one of the preset options.

You are not giving us quite enough information. Are the numbers of the servers on the LAN changing only? Is the router IP changing? You also don’t say how the clients are accessing the servers.

If it’s LAN only, go to the server activity monitor on each server and change the server address IP numbers. You can set it to auto or type in the numbers. The names will not change unless you change the Bonjour name in the same window, so don’t change them. If your clients are using Bonjour, they should connect as before. If they are using an IP connection, delete each server in the available servers window, type in the new IP for each server and they will find the servers one by one.

If the router IP is changing and some clients are accessing the files from outside the network (WAN), you will need to change the port mapping from the router to each web server. Next, in the server activity monitor, change the server address IP numbers using the external option. I would probably restart Enterprise at this point as well. Finally, delete and type in the WAN IP on each client using the WAN connection.

Thanks for the tips! I got our first server switched over, it was fairly straightforward. First I had to do what you suggested, Jim, and update the IP address on the server control panel. Until you mentioned it I forgot about even needing to set it there. Then I had to add a new server by IP address. When Panorama realized the new Panorama server had the same name as an old one but at a different IP address, Panorama gave me the option to replace the old one of the same name with the new one. That worked, and all databases seem to be syncing up fine now at the new IP!

Best wishes,

  • Jeff