Upcoming Bonus Zoom Sessions covering Panorama X 10.2 b17-b26 🎉

In the first half of 2021 I taught two Panorama X 10.2 courses on Zoom – Mastering Panorama X 10.2 and Deploying Shared Databases with Panorama X Server. The last session was about a year ago, and since then there have 9 additional beta releases from b17 to b25, with b26 on the way any day now. Some of these beta releases have significant new features that have been documented in the help system, but that have never covered in a course. I think many of these features have been a bit overlooked, so I’m planning to teach 2 or 3 additional courses at the end of May.

If you were signed up for the courses last year, you should be able to open the Help>Live Course Calendar and see the schedule now (if you didn’t sign up for the server course, you will only see the last two sessions). There’s no additional charge for these new sessions. I’m not sure yet if the May 31 session will be needed, but I think it is likely so I’ve provisionally added it to the schedule. If possible, I encourage everyone to participate interactively live, but as before, the plan is to record the sessions so that they can be watched at any time thru the Help menu.

If you didn’t sign up for these courses last year, you can do so now if you’re interested. You’ll be able to watch all of the sessions that were recorded last year, and also be able to participate live in the upcoming sessions. If you’re interested, see Purchasing Additional Videos on the Panorama Video Training help page.

If you did participate in the courses last year, it’s been a while, so you may want to review how to get ready for the upcoming Zoom sessions (and how to re-watch last years sessions).

I look forward to seeing many of you on Zoom in a week or so!

Jim Rea
President, ProVUE Development

If I’m by a computer, I’ll be there. Thank you for your continued work.

I was on a Zoom call today and I had a bit of a delay because Zoom updated before it would let me in. Looks like it was a big update. I’m mentioning it because if you’re planning on attending the classes next week you might want to launch Zoom ahead of time to get the update out of the way.

I attended the original PanX 2 courses last year, and my Live Course Calendar displays the following. I would like to attend. Suggestions?


I also notice that it wants to charge me for some videos from the Intensive Training Course, which I already paid for.


I checked. your account and you are definitely registered for the course. You should see the session on Thursday in your calendar as long as you are logged onto the correct account.

Make sure that you are running the latest b25 version of Panorama X. Also, you might try quiting and relaunching Panorama.

This is normal. Panorama has no way to know if you paid for those videos or not, only Vimeo has that information. So when I look at those videos, it also shows me the prices. But if you are logged into Vimeo you’ll be able to watch the videos without any further charge.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for offering these “bonus zoom” sessions.
I plan to be there … (now, where did I put my Zoom … :roll_eyes:)

I am often amazed how you can create such powerful software and still take care of customers who have silly little problems. Thanks.

Anyway, I am logged in and have b25, but still get the same Course Calendar rejection. Shall I just wait for Thursday and hope a link shows up then?



I just tried viewing “Files, Paths and Directories” from the Intensive Training Course, and it shows the prices (as you mentioned above that it does for you too), but all it does now when I try to view it is show me a 5 minute slideshow of all the slides you have put together for courses over the years. How can I get it to show me the right video? As I mentioned above, I did pay for the Intensive Training Course. Thanks!

That means that you have a Vimeo account. You need to log on to your Vimeo account to be able to watch the videos, because the purchase was made thru Vimeo, not thru ProVUE. You can log on to Vimeo in your web browser, and. you can also log in thru the Panorama Video Training window.

There is also a free video that shows you how to use the Intensive Training Course.

Intensive Training Course Intro on Vimeo

I actually was logged into Vimeo on the Training window:

and it still showed prices:

However, you’re right. All I had to do was to go to Safari, log into Vimeo there, and now it is working fine. As always, thanks.

It depends on what version of macOS you are using. For older versions of macOS, you have to log in using Safari even to watch in Panorama, because Safari used to share that information with all of your applications. In more recent versions of macOS, logins are not shared, so you have to log in separately in Panorama if you want to watch in Panorama. I checked your account and it looks like you are using both old and very new operating systems, so you’ll see different behavior on your different computers.