Unlocking & Unhiding Panorama 6 files for conversion to "X"

Have a group of 7 interrelated and linked files which are locked through a hidden file. Forgot how to unhide and unlock them preparatory to conversion to “X”.

What does “locked through a hidden file” mean? That is not a feature I am familiar with.

If a Panorama 6 database has security features enabled, those must be disabled before converting. Fewer than a dozen users ever enabled security features, but you might be in that elite group. If you did use those features, hopefully you have a copy of the Panorama Security.pdf file that contains the documentation for these features. I believe the short story is that you need to open the Design Sheet, then open the Security>Access Priviledges dialog, then set all access levels to zero and uncheck all checkboxes.

However, that doesn’t really match your description of “locked through a hidden file”, so maybe you are doing something else.

If a file is simply hidden, you can simply use the Open Database wizard to open it with a visible data sheet. However, I’m not sure that is even necessary, I think Panorama X may be able to open it even if it is hidden.

Or they’re simply locked to a User Level. That is locked or unlocked through an otherwise hidden window. Hold Option and Choose About Panorama while in one of the locked files to access it.

Yeah, that’s more likely, that feature was much more widely used. But I forgot about it – my Panorama 6 knowledge is fading, fading, fad…


Jim and James - Thank you so much for your help with my file searching. FAF turned out to be a really good solution. I almost gave up when I found 948 Panorama files supposedly requiring conversion to X. As I dug into the details I found that most were Pano 6 and Pano 5 legacy support files from Pano installers back in the day. Whew! I do, however, have over 50 of my own to convert.

I am having a big problem with 2 different file systems. One contains 7 files and the other contains 9. Somehow, years ago, I locked them from accidental or malicious damage and did such a good job that I can’t remember what I did. I can say that each system includes a “Secret” file for which I find no documentation and have no idea how I used it. I would bet money that it is part of the problem if not the whole problem.

Can you offer me any suggestions?

BTW I notice that the 6 to X conversion removes all Pano 6 font attributes such as bold, underline, italic. Is this to be expected?

Thanks a lot – Jack

Anybody know if Panorama X runs on Unix (Linux)?

Definitely not. It’s highly dependent on frameworks that are written into Mac OS.

Just to add the official word, David is correct. Running on Linux would require an almost total rewrite. Even seemingly internal features like sorting and formulas are totally built on Apple supplied frameworks.

Thanks Jim and David,

Thanks for your reply on Linux.

BTW, I’m sure hoping that someone will reply to my secret file question which I submitted several on 9/3. My v6 to vX conversion efforts have been at a total halt because of the problem.

Did I submit the problem statement incorrectly? I’m pretty inexperienced with the new forum.


Unfortunately Jack, if you don’t remember what you did to these files it’s not likely anyone else is going to have any idea what you did, especially since you haven’t shared any details. I don’t know what you mean by a “Secret” file, that is not an official Panorama feature. If you happened to name a file “Secret” that doesn’t give it any special powers or restrictions.

You seem to be aware that you somehow “locked them from accidental or malicious damage”, why do think that? What are the symptoms you see now of them being “locked”?

Thanks for your immediate reply Jim,

I am under the impression that Panorama 6 had a “feature” known as a Secret File and that in order to us it a user had to request special documentation from you. I must be dreaming or going batty. I’ve been looking for the documentation, which I thought I once had, and finding nothing.

Is there anything special about a hidden file with which I might be confusing with secret? It’s probably been 20 years and what I know for sure is that I had devised a secure way of preventing changes to some file structures and relationships which I treasured. It has worked all of these years - too well now :slight_smile:

All individual files appear to be set at the “author” level which is wide open, I think?!?

Any random thoughts appreciated.

Happy Labor Day,


Panorama 6 had a security system with a separate manual that we did sell for a few dollars, back when printed manuals were a thing. It was not called a Secret file so that’s what threw me off, as Panorama does have a Secret feature having nothing to do with security (and not really a file).

I have emailed you a copy of this manual. I hope it can help you. If you did use that system, you would have set up a password which it sounds like you may have forgotten. If that is the case, I probably won’t be able to help with recovery. Hopefully you will remember.

Another possibility here is that that file file was saved with the No Windows option checked. You can get the file open to the data sheet if you have another file open in Panorama 6 and then from the Wizards menu choose the Utilities item and then the Open Database wizard. When that little wizard opens you can drag your file from the Finder onto the Data Sheet Only icon and that should open the file to the datasheet. You can then do a Save As and uncheck the No Windows box.