Unknown Statement Call(?

Am I missing something here?

Local LList
LList = "Happy Birthday Tony"

The above gives me an error in a Procedure window saying:
Unknown statement: Call(

FWIW: I do have a procedure in the same db named: FunctionValueProc

The call( function needs to be used like any other function. It needs to be part of a statement. It can’t be the whole statement. It might be something like

SomeVariable = call("","FunctionValueProc",LList)

Note that FunctionValueProc is quoted.

Just like any other function, Panorama needs to be told what to do with the value returned by the function.

If all you want to do, is to call a procedure that will perform some action, but not return a value, you need to use a call statement.

call FunctionValueProc, LList

Of course. Time for a break over here. Thank you Dave for your time. I was in fact wanting to make use of the Call( function but was distracted by the odd error message.

I wrote this answer hours ago, then got distracted and forgot to press the Reply button. Dave has already answered, but I’ll go ahead and submit this anyway since I already wrote it.

Call( is a function, not a statement.

If your code in FunctionValueProc is written to return a value, then you have to send the result of the call( function somewhere. For example:

let x = call(...)


message call(...)