UniqueID( Fails and Delete Fails on 10.2 b18 - RESOLVED

I can’t get Uniqueid( to work as expected. I can add a record with AddRecord, but when I execute Uniqueid( in the next step the procedure stops with no explanation.

I created a new databased that is not shared, and Uniqueid( works. It appears that it does not work in a shared database.

Also, in the shared database, when I attempt to delete the added blank record, I have been getting lots of errors. Here is one error message example:

Pasted Graphic 2

Sounds like a bug that should probably be fixed, but why are you using uniqueid( in a shared database? Records already have a unique id, which you can find out with info(“serverrecordid”). I would probably recommend that you just use that.

Follow up – I cannot duplicate either of the problems you mention. I created a procedure in a shared database that adds a record and then generates an id with uniqueid(, and it works just fine. Then I was able to delete the records with no problem. There’s no reason why uniqueid( wouldn’t work with a shared database, it operates strictly on the local data and doesn’t interact with the sharing system in any way. And in my tests, it does work perfectly.

Thanks for the tip. I have been using the UniqueID( function for many years. It stems from before Pan6 Enterprise when you documented how to merge and sync two files. Believe it or not, I used to do that. When Pan6 Enterprise arrived, I continued to use the UniqueID( out of habit. No doubt I have 50 to 100 statements scattered across 50 files that use the UniqueID( function.

I am happy to report that I seem all or of the reported bizarre behavior by PanX b18. I re-built a file step by step. I do not think the problems had anything to do with UniqueID( as reported. b18 is working sooo much better than b16. A thousand thanks for Jim and team for his work.