Unimplemented Statements and Fuctions

My copy is two years old. What is the latest update? I want to remove all obsolete code and WPSOs from my Pan 6 files and work around lost capabilities before converting to Pan X.

The latest update is Version 10.2.0.b30 (4183). Quit your existing copy of Panorama, if it’s running. Go to the Provue web site.

Click “Download Trial.” Unzip the download. Change the name to match your existing copy, and drop it into your Applications folder, allowing it to replace.

Working around lost capabilities will be easier if you have access to the new capabilities that are in Panorama X. Converting doesn’t destroy the Panorama 6 version. I think you would be better served to convert first, and do any work arounds in Panorama X.

Greg, I might be off here, but I think the reason Dave is suggesting you download the trial from Panorama is because along the way there was an upgrade that required the new download - rather than using “Check for Updates” under the Panorama menu. Once you get the current PanoramaX, you’ll be able to use “Check for Updates” to get feature ones.

Even though converting doesn’t destroy the Pan6 version, I’d still convert a copy of your old (working) system. I only trust these newfangled things so far. … I’m the old guy in the grocery store parking lot standing by his car watching the “courtesy delay” on his headlights to make sure they really do go out after about 90 seconds,

I think Greg means that the Unimplemented Statements and Functions help page states that it is 2 years old, not that his copy of Panorama is two years old.

I have just now updated this help page. You can read the updated version right now on the web.

I agree with Dave’s assessment.

This is not necessary. Panorama X doesn’t touch the Panorama 6 version AT ALL. It makes a copy of the Panorama 6 database in memory, but it never writes to the Panorama 6 database at all. In fact it cannot write to the Panorama 6 file - the code is read only. So there is absolutely no reason to make a copy of the Panorama 6 database before converting it to Panorama X.

On the other hand, if it makes you feel better, making a copy won’t hurt anything. It’s just an extra step that does nothing, leaving you with an extra file to worry about.

I know, I understand “read only”. But some of us can’t give up the teddy bear. I guess I was casting a wide net. Like that extra copy would go on a flash drive for safekeeping. If the files are that old, the computer could be that old, so the hard drive might be that old. And we know what could happen to hard drives. Admittedly, this (comment) boat has drifted a long way from the dock - converting Pan6 to PanX :slight_smile:

I am redoing my Organic System Plan files, 16 files total, for Pan X to remove the info(“changes”) used to change the modified date automatically but only if the file were actually changed. The WPSO were used for multi line paragraphs and multi column and line tables. I replaced 45 line item data fields for my Input Materials list with one 3 column tabbed WPSO field. Had a 15 year old backup I could go back to and enter current data.

The updated Help page in B31 lists all 48 in the black set, but only 396 red entries. I’m guessing 30 of those red lines are for both deprecated statements and functions so count double to produce the cited 426. “48” is a huge improvement over where PanX started and I look forward to more gains over time. Thanks for all that progress and for updating a very useful list for those still converting old Pan6 files.