Unicode symbol in formula


I want to display a checkbox outline beside size and price in a formula on a report data tile I’m using for a gallery price label. It will print multiple size/price options and I’ll be able to manually tick the correct one.

When I use a rectangle object, it displays an extra one for the summary record. To avoid this, I want to use the unicode box symbol U+25A2 in the formula. I tried it in the chr() function but got an error. What is the proper way to do this?


One way is to use chr(9634).

If you don’t want to bother converting the hex to decimal, you could also use chr(0x25A2).
Whenever it’s convenient, an integer in a formula can be written in hex, if you precede it with 0x. That’s a zero not the letter O.

Thanks, Gary and Dave

That symbol is perfect.


I should also mention that you can put the symbol itself between quotes. "▢"