Unexplained crashes under High Sierra Beta

By now, Jim, you have gotten NUMEROUS crash reports from Apple over the past three days generated by ME… suddenly, my PanX DB is crashing when asked to do very simple things like 1) executing the statement Field GroupName FormulaFill GroupName and 2) opening the spreadsheet view. Other odd things are occurring sporadically as well: a) “goForm” doesn’t refresh the window and show the new form until the “Switch to Graphics View” is clicked, b) background images (even when locked) suddenly move to the front when changing forms (not ALL forms, but some) and c) formulas for objects can’t always be edited (well, you can make changes to the formula but clicking the “Apply” button, pressing the enter key or clicking on another object doesn’t record the changes).

Something else that’s been going on for awhile is annoying but not impossible to work around: group a bunch of objects, click and copy, paste on another form, ungroup, and click elsewhere to deselect the objects… what happens then is odd… the image of the objects remains in place, but the objects themselves are shifted to the far left margin, but CMD-Z will put them back where they belong.

I have shut down all other apps that I can. I’ve tried tweaking the code (which worked perfectly a week ago). I admit that my DB is beautiful but HUGE (640MB when open and running) but in 8GB of RAM, there’s LOTS of available memory for it to work in. Needless to say, I have halted work on my MOAD (“Mother of All Databases”) Gradebook, because I simply can’t get any traction.

I’m excited for you and your PanX 10.0, but I’d be THRILLED if it was working for me in macOS High Sierra Beta… BTW, I’m NOT using APFS yet, in case that comes up as a possible cause of the fatal glitches.

Good luck with your bug hunt… me, I’ve looked under every rock I can.

Why are you using High Sierra Beta? I’m on High Sierra 10.13 (not beta) and both Panorama 6 and Panorama X are running without issues.

I see in my updates within the App Store that I can upgrade to High Sierra 10.13.1 Beta 2. I will not install this until I know more about these possible problems.

Because SOMEBODY has to find the bugs before they get to people who depend on the software for their livelihood… consider it a public service.

Yes. I would hold off for awhile. There’s no need to rush… they’ll get the bugs under control eventually.