Unexpected TabArray result

I have an array that occasionally contains numbers with commas. The TabArray function truncates the number at the comma. Is this the intended result?

If you have specified the comma as the separator character, that is the expected result. The function simply looks for the separator character. It’s not capable of telling when that character is being used for a different purpose.

As a general rule, you don’t want your separator character to be one that will be found in any of the array elements.

Panorama X does have one advantage over earlier versions of Panorama, in that you aren’t limited to using a single character as your separator. You can use strings of text if you like. If, for example, you were to use comma space as your separator, then a comma that wasn’t followed by a space wouldn’t be considered to be a separator.

That makes sense. I always use a Tab as a separator in arrays. I was too quick to assume the TabArray function was looking for only Tabs and would ignore everything else since there is no parameter for a separator. I quickly solved my problem with a Replace function to get rid of any commas.

Actually, my answer doesn’t make sense. I was thinking of another function. Tabarray( shouldn’t consider any character except the tab to be a separator. I can’t seem to duplicate the problem you are describing.

I’m with Dave, this makes no sense, and I don’t believe it. The tabarray( function will not truncate numbers at the comma. There is something else going on.