Unexpected multiple Help pages behaviour

Every time you open an additional help page and search for a new subject, when an item is selected from the search results panel on the left, all of the open help pages change to the new topic just selected. The original contents of the search results panel on each page remain the same, however, so it’s not a major inconvenience to reselect the help page originally displayed, but it’s not ideal.

It also prevents the contents of two different help pages being directly compared with each other side by side.

I don’t recall this happening in earlier versions but I hardly used PX until very recently.

David Duncan

Oh my, that is definitely a new bug, and it sucks! I have added it to the bug report database.


Ok, fixed it. Now I’m not sure if it ever worked correctly or not. (The problem was the variable for the page topic was incorrectly defined as a fileglobal instead of as a windowglobal.)

The same thing happens with an open Corrections page - has that been covered by your fix?


The same thing happens with an open Corrections page

I’m not sure what you mean by that. You can only open one Corrections page, that hasn’t changed. It would have been nice to have allowed more than one, but it was just way too much work.

If you choose a Help entry, open its Corrections page and then choose another Help entry, the open Corrections page changes to the new entry. Maybe that’s supposed to happen.


Ok, that doesn’t happen any more – I think the fix I made yesterday fixed that also.