Understand Data Tiles

Hello Friends,
Our day school has a Pan X database with all the family records. I want to select each grade and print a report for each grade level. For instance I would want to print all of Grade 1 on a report (page), and then print Grade 2 on a whole new page, and so on.
Is this a grouping issue to select the grades and then select an outline level?
And in creating the form what kind of tile should be used?
The set-up that I have works fine sorting and selecting the data but the individual grades don’t go on separate pages, it all runs together starting with Grade K to Grade 8.
Any help would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, Panorama X doesn’t currently have the ability to control pagination in the manner you are looking for.

I suppose you could do this by creating a program with a loop that selects and prints each grade separately using the printtopdf statement. As was discussed on another thread recently, this statement can be used to print directly to a printer instead of creating a PDF file.

Hi Jim,
I understand that and I am willing to print each individual page. Everything is fine but for the life of me I can not get it to print. Can you see anything that I am doing wrong? I have tried several different print commands. My procedure is:

;This macro will take the information from
;Print Selection and print a Class Listing by Grade
Call “.Export Text”
Select «Grades» ≠ “”
SelectWithin DoNotInclude ≠ “X”
Select «Grades»=“TK/K”
Field «Student Last» Sortup
Field «Student First» SortupWithin
Field «Rec#»
Sequence “1 1”
OpenForm “Grade List4”
Printtopdf “”

The command you are using:

printtopdf ""

will simply create a PDF file in the same folder and with the same name as the database. If you want to print directly to the default printer, you must specify the printer option, as described on the documentation page I linked to.

printtopdf "","Printer",""

Not directly related to printing, but are you aware you have three lines in your code that do absolutely nothing:

select «Grades» ≠ ""
selectwithin DoNotInclude ≠ "X"

The only selection statement that does anything is the final one, it overrides all of the previous selections:

select «Grades»="TK/K"

If that’s the actual selection you want, you might want to remove the other lines, they are just wasting a bit of time. You definitely don’t ever need to do a selectall immediately before performing other selections. None of this will change the way your program works, unless you thought that all these selections were actually contributing something to the final result, so I wanted to bring it to your attention.

Also, instead of doing a separate select and then selectwithin, you might want to consider just using the and operator, like this:

select Grades≠"" and DoNotInclude≠"X"

The selectadditional statement can be eliminated by using the or operator in a similar way. The reason selectwithin and selectadditional exist is that they were created before the and/or operators existed.

Thanks Jim for the quick reply.
You explained my bad procedure.
Everything works just fine now.
Thanks again.