Unable to remove or cut data

Thought I’d post this to perhaps help someone in the future.

I imported a .CSV file that had the 1st line as field names. (The 1st option in the Import menu). Some of the fields did not have a field name as the first record in the CSV did not have a value in that column.

Cleaning up data is often the first step with an import. I was attempting to do the cleanup and delete some of the data that was odd due to the imperfect CSV file. But alas, I was unable to Cut some data from some records. I thought argh, Panorama was mucked up. I quit and after reopening, tried again. Still no Cut ability. No delete of the field’s data was possible. Aha! I gave the field a name ‘A’. Now the cut worked.

Bottom line: A field has to have a name to perform correctly. Perhaps an Import should give some name A,B,C etc to unnamed fields?

The problem is worse than you describe. First of all, you can’t edit a field that doesn’t have a name. It’s not just delete or cut, you also can’t type into it.

Secondly, you can trigger this problem simply by deleting the field name in the property inspector panel. It won’t allow you to put in a duplicate field name, but it does allow an empty name!

Needless to say, I’ve filed a bug report for this.